Socks made in France for men

Whether socks or ankle socks, Garçon Français has a wide choice of over thirty different colors. Let our French socks surprise you.

French Socks

At Garçon Français, we don't beat around the bush – when we do something, we do it well. It's true that manufacturing socks in France today may seem complex, even impossible. However, that underestimates the boundless determination of our brand, which has been committed to French manufacturing since 2012. French socks have been a staple in our collections for over a decade. Indeed, we work with our longstanding supplier of made-in-France socks in Romilly-sur-Seine, the company Ventura Socks. This player knits these famous fabrics day after day in the historic basin of French-made socks.
Romilly-sur-Seine was once one of the main knitting hubs for these essential fabrics. The factories stretched along the national road and beside the Seine River – a time when industry was at the heart of France's economic strategies. Let's not succumb to nostalgia, though, because this industry, which nearly disappeared, is still very much alive. Entrepreneurs have tirelessly fought to maintain expertise, and what expertise it is to fit the French with socks made in France, of course. Visit the page that tells you more about our French production here.

French-Made Socks Without a Doubt

French, our socks are unequivocally so. Are they comfortable? Absolutely. Our quality socks are knitted to ensure comfort throughout the day for the feet of the men who wear them. There's nothing more unpleasant than wearing clothes in which you don't feel comfortable. Are they attractive? Without a doubt! Our stylist doesn't shy away from creating cotton socks that will undoubtedly make history. With over thirty colors, the colors of the rainbow are well represented. Explore our red socks, our pride men's socks, and many more. That's not all – ideas abound in our catalog with patterns that match our entire range of undergarments, like our rooster socks. So, it's high time to indulge in the pleasures of Made in France with Garçon Français models. Full steam ahead!