Men's Pajama Bottoms Made in France

At the end of the day, nothing beats wearing the right attire to feel comfortable and relaxed. Say goodbye to stiff pants and overly fitted shirts; let’s celebrate comfort. Inspired by our collection of underwear, Garçon Français has created a line of men's pajama bottoms made in France. This range, available in various colors, continues the success of our previous collections.
Firstly, the fabric: our men's pajama pants made in France are crafted from a jersey knit of 93% cotton and 7% elastane, a soft, silky, high-quality fabric weighing 200 grams per square meter. Comfort is guaranteed, and you will feel completely at ease in your evening attire.
And our waistband: both the shorts and pajama pants proudly feature the Garçon Français logo, with an elastic that maintains without ever tightening, thus avoiding unsightly marks on the skin.
Whether in summer or winter, the choice is yours with these made in France pajama pants, which you can proudly wear at home or even on your way to the bakery. These well-tailored bottoms will undoubtedly become your favorite. Moreover, this almost iconic model is available in several colors. There’s no excuse not to indulge and without delay, let yourself be tempted.
As for the made in France pajama shorts, they have more than one trick up their sleeve (or in their pockets). Wear them confidently at home, on the beach, or after a swim. This versatile piece will easily accompany you in your daily relaxation mode. With both short and long cuts available, you are sure to find the pajamas that suit your habits.

Made in France Pajama Shorts

Returning to our favorite model, it’s customary to describe this essential item in more detail. Indeed, beyond the materials described above, we designed it to best accompany you in your daily life.
Two pockets provide a practical element for everyday tasks. Its cut, designed with the help of our customers and their numerous fittings, adapts to a majority of body shapes for optimal comfort, which is certainly the key word. In conclusion, the made in France pajama shorts undoubtedly become the ideal indoor garment for the summer season.

Pajama Pants Made in France with Passion.

Let’s get back to the essentials, or rather the more covering option. As mentioned previously, we offer two cuts of pajama bottoms: the detailed shorts and the made in France pajama pants. The latter meets all the criteria to become a favorite in your wardrobe.
First, the cut: the design is specifically crafted to resemble the lines of chinos, the now very classic city pants. They are indeed tailored to remain sexy. Say goodbye to pajama pants cut with unsightly broad strokes. At Garçon Français, we have an eye for detail, so it was our duty to cut these pants to flatter your body shape.
Next, the pockets provide a nice finish worthy of a quality indoor garment. Let yourself be surprised and discover this model in numerous colors; it will appeal to the widest audience.