A brand 100% made in France!

Garçon Français underwear, socks, swimwear, t-shirts, vests and everything in between are all made in France, mainly in Troyes.

Troyes has been the homeland for woven fabric expertise since the 19th century for clothing such as men's underwear, t-shirts and base layers.

When it was founded in 2012, Garçon Français decided to establish itself in the heart of the town that has all the skills required to design and make all our clothing ranges.

Vicky Caffet

One guy, one idea!

Vicky Caffet launched Garçon Français in 2012 after coming up with the idea whilst studying in America a few years earlier.

During his last apprenticeship at business school in 2008, Vicky got a taste for the male underwear market and learnt about several brands. One of them had an innovative approach that grabbed his attention. Its bold style, superior quality and focus on local production sparked something in the young man to become the entrepreneur he wished to be.

Garçon Français was born in its future founder's soul.

Vicky spent three years honing his skills in several French SMEs before taking the next step of starting his own business. In 2012, he went all in and made his vision a reality. The first models came off the production line that same year and were exclusively available to buy online.

The Garçon Français adventure began with local French manufacture.

Une usine Garçon Français

A long-standing legacy

Garçon Français makes 100% of its products in Troyes

The Garçon Français collections are entirely designed and made in France (and in Troyes).

Vicky Caffet's plan was to make premium pieces so he delved into the history of French underwear, specifically for men, to achieve his goal. Men's underwear, as we know it now, was designed by the Petit Bateau brand in 1918 in Troyes.
A few years later in 1929, André Gillier launched JIL, the first men's underwear brand and pouch briefs designer. Again, it was based in the Champagne town that had become the hosiery industry's homeland.
He co-founded Lacoste with the famous French tennis player here in 1933.
Almost a century later, Vicky Caffet is keeping this textile legacy alive with Troyes-based hosiery expertise. His drive comes from his desire to meet the quality and technical demands of making the various Garçon Français product ranges.

Transparency 100% made in France!

At Garçon Français, we're proud of our products and the expertise that goes into making each of our pieces. We have always worked on the basis of being totally transparent with French companies that uphold outstanding trades.

Tailoring : L’Atelier d’Ariane (Troyes, France)

Based in the capital of hosiery, Troyes, for over 30 years. The innovation policy and professional training among youngsters ensure this workshop is part of French manufacturing's future.

Socks: : Ventura Socks (Romilly-sur-Seine, France)

This workshop has been keeping age-old hosiery traditions alive since 2010 as it makes all our socks with Oeko-Tex®-approved yarn.

Fabrics (weaving, finishing and dye) : Bugis (Troyes, France)

Bugis is a "Living Heritage Company" that weaves and dyes fabric in its Troyes-based workshops. It has set the standard for premium French fabric approved by Oeko-Tex®.

Fabric printing : La Turdine (Tarare, France)

This century-old company brings long-standing textile expertise together with cutting-edge techniques to print patterns on fabric certified by Oeko-Tex®.

Elastic : Berthéas (Saint-Chamond, France)

One of the last factories in France to use high-tech experience to weave elastic at its Haute-Loire workshop for fifty years. Oeko-Tex®-certified production.

Brand labels : JSD (Saint-Etienne, France)

JSD has restored brand labels to their former glory (approved by the Oeko-Tex® standard). Totally French expertise and production born in 1984 in central Pilat, the home of lace-making.

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Where's our cotton from?

The French climate isn't suited to growing cotton so we get most of our organic cotton from the Mediterranean Basin and America.

An eco-friendly organisation

Sustainable development is vital to Garçon Français. We work with local talents to protect and pass down French expertise. All our clothes are designed, made, woven, dyed and manufactured in France.

80% 80% of our products are made within 40km of the town of Troyes in France.

20% The remaining 20% come from different parts of France.

We keep transport to a minimum which means minimum CO2 emissions. Do you want to find out more about our eco-friendly policy? Visit our dedicated page. Visit the Sustainable Development page.

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Premium and highly technical quality:
French underwear

The brand founder has always focused on product quality and wearer comfort. The men's underwear brand wants to secure its benchmark position in the industry with its years of experience and expertise as well as the innovations it brings to its items.

Garçon Français makes garments designed to flatter the men who wear them. They should also provide the ultimate in comfort. That's why the fabric is so carefully chosen. Quality should also go hand in hand with durability.

Usine de Bugis

Hand-picked fabrics:

Well-cut, simple hipster briefs and boxers for the Garçon Français man are designed to be comfortable and stylish first and foremost. Men's underwear is made of premium fabric in organic cotton jersey (93%) and elastane (7%) with 210gr/m² fabric density. Elastane hugs the figure and stops the fabric getting loose.

Garçon Français underwear is designed to last. Premium raw materials and manufacturing injected with French artisan expertise.

The French touch

Since founding the brand in 2012, Vicky Caffet has brought creativity and quality together.

He puts a specific focus on close and loyal partnerships with all his suppliers to achieve this blend. From the fabric maker to the label manufacturer and tailoring workshop, he's the one who chooses all the suppliers that will join him in designing and making his products.

His adventure is fuelled by the desire to work with partners who are passionate about their trades, proof of good quality and a legacy of expertise.


A French lifestyle

Garçon Français is a name that's easy to remember and captures the brand's philosophy and the values it wants to convey: a lifestyle for the client, expertise, French romanticism, the "French touch" etc.
A 100% French product which the designer holds dear.

Garçon Français symbolises the "French lover", a modern, happy and sexy man who likes taking care of himself.

Garçon Français captures how the French are seen abroad. The brand is designed for all confident men in keeping with their times. Men who love life!