A brand 100% manufactured in France

A brand that’s 100% made in France !

Garçon Français’s underwears and tanktops are completely made in France.

Made in France

Waistbands : Cheynet (Saint-Just-Malmont, France)

Cheynet has been servicing the fashion industry with its own particular know-how for over 50 years.

An environmentally responsible organization

Sustainable development is a top priority for Garçon Français.

We work with local talents to protect and transmit the French know-how.

Our philosophy
and the french

Fashionable products

Perfectly shaped, simple in design, low-wasted, Garçon Français briefs and boxers are supremely comfortable and elegant. Manufactured from a high-quality blend of Jersey cotton (93%) and elastane (7%). The addition of elastane ensures that the underwear sits close to the body and retains its shape.

The tank top fits snug to the torso and is woven from Jersey cotton (100%).

Garçon Français underwear is designed to last. High quality raw materials and a manufacturing process that draws on all the expertise of true French artisans.

Stitching : EMO (Troyes, France)

For over 30 years EMO has been passionate about fashion and producing high-quality garments and can offer a unique level of know-how.

Fabrics : Bugis (Troyes, France)

Bugis has been producing and dying fabrics at its own workshops since 1956. Today they set the benchmark for high-quality French materials.

Brand Labels : Aub’Vignettes (Troyes, France)

Embroidery specialist, Aub’vignettes restores brand label prestige. A French know-how and production!

90% 90% of our products are made less than 10Km away from the City of Troyes (Aube, France)

The 10% the other 10% originate from different French regions

We do our best to minimize the transport in our process and so the carbon gas emission.


Vicky Caffet, créateur de Garçon Français

Vicky Caffet’s primary aim in creating the brand and building its prestige was to bring together creativity and quality.

To achieve that, he recognized the importance of working together with French companies.From the fabric weaver to the labels producer to the garment manufacturer he personally chose all the companies who were to work with him in producing his collection.

This insistence on liaising with people who are passionate about their work is what drives the venture and guarantees the finest quality.

A way of life

“Garçon Français”, easily memorable, the name says it all, conveying the philosophy of the brand and the values it conveys: the life-style of the man who wears the brand, savoir-faire, and, of course, and a certain romanticism, à la française!

Garçon Français symbolises the French lover, a modern soul, smiling and sexy, a man who looks after himself. The brand also projects an image of the Frenchman to the world.

This is a brand for all men who feel comfortable with themselves and who swing with the times. For men who love life!