Underwear for men made in France

Discover our collections of briefs and boxer shorts designed to last. Over thirty colors available in plain for the more classic, and with patterns or stripes for the more original.

Men's Underwear Made in France

Since its establishment in 2012, Garçon Français has become synonymous with men's underwear made in France. Through our commitment to the local economy, particularly with our partner workshops based in the Aube department, we work to support and create employment in French regions. We advocate for preserving French expertise in the textile industry. Our longstanding suppliers focus on training new generations and investing in production tools, ensuring that we harness all available resources to continue making men's underwear in France. Interested in learning more about how our products are made? Visit our dedicated page here.

Underwear Manufactured in France

How do you choose quality men's underwear? The question may seem trivial, but it's more complex than it appears. Indeed, opting for inexpensive men's underwear may seem economical initially, but considering how short-lived it might be, in the long run, you won't benefit. At Garçon Français, we work diligently to offer durable, made-in-France men's underwear. How do we achieve this quality? The answer is simple: we work with the best materials! Our fabrics are knitted with a yarn density of 200 grams per square meter (15% to 20% higher than other brands), a major advantage that ensures longevity. The elastics are similarly woven densely to guarantee longevity for our range of French men's underwear.

Organic, Made-in-France Underwear

Since 2020, almost all our boxers and briefs are made from fabric that uses only organic cotton. This shift, which we are pleased to have implemented, is essential for preserving natural resources, particularly in developing a more environmentally-friendly cotton culture. We are transparent about this approach by providing information on each of our product descriptions. Ninety percent of our French-made men's underwear references are made from organic cotton, as indicated in the product descriptions. For our colors that are not yet organic, the composition simply states cotton. By choosing our underwear, you are making a transparent and doubt-free choice for organic men's underwear. This transparency is also an integral part of French manufacturing. Visit our page detailing our daily commitment by clicking here.

Men's Underwear Packs

Days go by, and you haven't had time to use your washing machine? Time is scarce, the laundry basket inevitably fills up, and you're out of French underwear to wear under your pants? Don't worry, at Garçon Français, we cater to all men, whether organized or less careful, with our packs of made-in-France men's underwear. In sets of three or four, you'll have no excuse to be short of French underwear. Moreover, our men's underwear packs will satisfy the most demanding individuals. Yes, say goodbye to just black or white; you have a choice among classic or more striking colors like red and pink. The choices don't stop there, as we offer our men's underwear packs in seven distinct sizes.