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Garçon Français

100% French dynamism

From choosing the name and founding the company to its manufacture and sale, every step is stamped with Garçon Français' drive to keep craftsmanship, industries and economic energy alive in France. A natural approach and strong synergy formed by all these talents pooled together, hand in hand, facing the future.

Putting your money on 100% Made in France means:
Contributing - Participating - Making a difference
Everyone is part of our success together!

100% French expertise

Our hobby horse, innovation

Garçon Français takes pride in our heritage and strives to build on it and promote this living heritage that's constantly evolving. So at Garçon Français, we focus on creative energy, constantly evolving knowledge and skills, reactivity that impacts our partners and clients direct.

Our priority, listening to you

Striving for quality, improvement, comfort and satisfaction all motivate procedures, cutting-edge techniques in designing and making pieces. Updating a range, redesigning a model or simply adjusting a seam, this attention to detail enables us to progress so we can provide ever-more accomplished collections.

100% French ecological commitment

Making "responsible and clean" decisions reflects Garçon Français' commitment to sustainable development.

Based on this fundamental issue, we select and collaborate with workshops with eco-awareness and committed to sustainable development (OEKO-TEX certification etc.) and which make recycling dyes or off-cuts an environmental priority integral to their business culture.

This sense of responsibility is what's behind our packaging too. Whether it be cardboard, paper or gift bags, we encourage more eco-friendly solutions to create a virtuous supply chain that's instant and benefits everyone. Our storage capacities are improved, package weights are lighter meaning better shipment charges and being local means we can keep most of our production in a limited radius and therefore reduce transport.

100% French vision

Vicky Caffet launched Garçon Français in 2012 with his entrepreneurial spirit, a good dose of creativity and bags of energy. He spotted a gap in the market as men's underwear was limited and poorly made with an old-fashioned image. The design, fabrics, colours and patterns, everything was going to be seen through fresh eyes. Those of the modern man to meet his needs and expectations. Quality, comfort and enjoyment are his key words.

Garçon Français is more than just a brand; it embodies its founder's values, an energy, a powerful drive to promote French expertise, a deep-seated social and environmental conscience.

100% French philosophy

True to the romantic and contemporary image of the Frenchman, Garçon Français designs unique models, slim fits, silky soft fabrics and real comfort that you yo won't be able to live without. Whether original or classic, young or mature, every man can find himself in this elegant yet timeless style. Feeling comfortable in his skin, inspired and confident!

Vicky Caffet